Nov 11

Silicon Valley office Sabbatical for starting December 11th

Dear Patients, I plan to take a two month sabbatical starting December 11th. My Silicon Valley office will be closed. Thank you for your understanding. We will not accept any new patients in Silicon Valley until further notice. Sincerely, Victor Cheng

Mar 10

New Temporary Office in Silicon Valley

We have reopened now that the pandemic is under control. I have found a new location for our Silicon Valley office. However, it needs renovation. Until the construction is finished, we will be operating at a temporary location at 333 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale CA 94087 Please verify the address before coming to your […]

Feb 10

New Addition to the Orchard. Jujube!

New addition to the orchard. Jujube tree, cultivar “Li”. I believe LI stands for 梨 (pear) meaning it is pear like and meant to be eaten fresh. Jujubes are extremely popular in China as a fruit and snack. It is user extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine, usually paired with fresh ginger. Jujube is very nutritious […]

Jan 14

Starting a small farm and Instagram account!

During the shutdown period, we decided to start a small family farm that specializes on growing high quality traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. We have started a Instagram account to keep track of our progress. Make sure to follow us! https://www.instagram.com/chengfamilyfarm/   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Cheng Family Farm (@chengfamilyfarm)

Dec 16

San Jose Office closed until further notice

Dear Patients, Due to rapid rising number of COVID cases, we decided to close our San Jose office temporarily to avoid the spread and the peak of the epidemic. We plan to reopen around mid-January or late-January depending on the progression of the COVID crisis. When we are ready to reopen, we will give public […]

Mar 18

Office Update during quarantine

Dear Patient, As medical clinic, we are suppose to remain open and will stay open. I am providing many coverage of the topic on my website and on my Facebook page. I recommend you check it out. I highly recommend you like my page on Facebook to stay updated. If you are not on Facebook, […]

Feb 26


外婆在家人和親友的環繞中往生了。她有非比尋常的慈愛心,一生都在想盡方法幫助別人。感恩證嚴上人給了她一個發光發熱的機會,讓她能夠無比地發揮自己的力量。也感謝慈濟功德會一直以來對她的尊崇。 我將在3月5號恢復門診。對門診取消的病人道歉。感謝大家的諒解和支持。

Feb 26

Services resume on March 5th, 2020

My grandmother passed away surrounded by family and friends few days ago. She was an incredibly compassionate person and lived a life dedicated to service. Thanks to Venerable Master Zheng Yan, she had the opportunity to accomplish unimaginable charitable works. We are very grateful that Tzu-chi always honored her and kept memory of her alive. […]

Feb 26

No New Patient until April 7th 2020

My grandmother recently passed away. As part of the mourning process, I plan to reduce my workload and focus on contemplating her life, her achievements, and the values she taught me. I would like to emerge from the mourning period a better person and continue her legacy of service and compassion. Therefore, I will not […]

Feb 21

Family Emergency – Out of Office

Dear Patients, As some of you know, I was just in Taiwan to take care of my grandmother after she suffered a severe stroke. After treating her and seeing her getting better, I returned to the US planning to serve my patients. However, some family members believe that grandmother should pass away peacefully because they […]