Jun 24

Plants or Pills? Turmeric vs. Curcumin

Most people assume pills are more effective than plants. The underlying assumption is “Plants cannot be THAT therapeutic. It is not scientific. There must be active ingredients that are working. Let’s extract them, making them pure and precise and more concentrated and thus more effective.” Sometimes this assumption is true. Many pharmaceutical drugs are simply […]

Feb 15

Tax Reminder

For those of you who have received treatment from us, please keep your receipts. Your payment is a tax-deductible expense. Please check with your tax preparer for more detail. https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc502.html

Sep 24

What is the difference between herbal supplements and herbal medicine?

Herbal supplement is currently quite popular in America. Many herbal supplement even originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine, like ginseng and goji berries. However, taking herbal supplements is very different from taking Chinese Herbal Medicine, even though they may contain some of the same ingredients. Many people in the US have tried herbal supplements after reading […]

Sep 18

The herbs taste nasty. Can I add some flavorings to it?

Chinese herbal medicine surely did not survive thousands of years based on taste. The first time usually is the worst but most people can adapt to it after a while. You should not add flavorings to alter the taste because Traditional Chinese Medicine believes it is the taste that moves the Qi. Adding flavorings to […]

Sep 2

I heard there are heavy metals in herbs. Will I get heavy metal poisoning?

The issue of heavy metals in herbs is a little bit out of context. Heavy metal pollution is wide-spread in the world. Most are in the form of air pollution, and most people get heavy metal poisoning from air. When soil is polluted, agricultural products from polluted regions may be contaminated with heavy metal. China […]

Sep 2

Can herbal medicine can damage my liver and kidney?

When I was interning at UCLA’s Center for East-West Medicine, someone brought this question to the Center’s director Dr. Hui. The person had read a news article that some herbs can damage people’s liver and kidney. Dr. Hui’s response was remarkable. He said, “there will be no news article reporting liver and kidney damage due […]