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Sep 18

Is acupuncture the same thing as TCM?

No, it is only one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As it is practiced in China, herbal medicine account for about 60% of TCM while acupuncture and acupressure massage account for the rest 40%. Acupuncture is widely popular in the US. Therefore many people equate it with Traditional Chinese Medicine, but they are not necessarily […]

Aug 31

Is TCM scientific?

This is tricky because who is the authority to declare something scientific or not. Science is not a definitive set of knowledge. It is a systematic approach to explore and explain our physical world. Scientists speculate on the nature of things and propose a hypothesis that try to explain the observed phenomenon. Then they set […]

Aug 31

What are the TCM treatment modalities like?

Using TCM theories as guidelines, there are infinite numbers of treatment modalities depending on the creativity of the practitioners. The most common ones are: Herbal Formulas Acupuncture Therapeutic Massage Dietary Modification Mind-Body Exercises

Aug 31

What is the difference between Holistic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine and TCM?

Holistic Medicine is any medical system that does not use the reductionist approach to human body. Generally Holistic Medicine sees the patient as a whole person and will take into account the effects of psychological and social factors on this person’s health. TCM can be considered as a Holistic Medicine but there are other independent […]

Aug 28

What is the difference between TCM and Conventional Medicine?

Conventional Medicine, sometimes called Western Medicine, is the medical system being practiced and accepted by current mainstream society. Although Western culture has been practicing medicine for thousands of years, Conventional Medicine, which is based on modern biology and chemistry, began only with the advancement of modern science during the Age of Enlightenment. Utilizing new ideas […]

Aug 28

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (a.k.a. TCM) is the medical system that was practiced traditionally in China. It utilizes a different set of medical theories, diagnostic methods and treatment modalities than those of conventional medicine. The basic medical theories of TCM was heavily influenced by the philosophy of Yin-Yang and Five Phases in ancient China. Thus TCM […]