Sep 18

Is acupuncture the same thing as TCM?

No, it is only one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As it is practiced in China, herbal medicine account for about 60% of TCM while acupuncture and acupressure massage account for the rest 40%. Acupuncture is widely popular in the US. Therefore many people equate it with Traditional Chinese Medicine, but they are not necessarily the same.

Other forms of acupuncture exist, although not as elaborate as TCM acupuncture. Western Medicine has trigger point injection. India and Thailand also have their own acupuncture, possibly due to Chinese influence, but not based on Chinese meridian theory. Only practicing acupuncture under TCM theory and diagnosis can be called TCM acupuncture.

Because TCM has the most sophisticated meridian theory and a vast medical literature on acupuncture usage, we believe TCM acupuncture is the most mature and effective. More and more health practitioners are practicing acupuncture. It is encouraging to see that acupuncture is getting wide acceptance but we believe TCM theory and the experiences accumulated in the lineage are indispensable for good results.

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