There are so many acupuncturists. Why choose us?

Acupuncture can be wonderful with natural and holistic healing. But you need to find an expert that is skilled and trustworthy. There are many acupuncturists around but we are exceptional because:


1. Unparalleled Credentials

Unlike most acupuncturists, we were trained 6 years in China, at Shanghai University of TCM, the first Traditional Chinese Medicine college in China. We had worked years in top hospitals in China. Victor Cheng L.Ac. is licensed in both China and the US. He graduated top of his class in Shanghai and is also a graduate of UC Berkeley. He had interned at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine. Sewon Kim L.Ac. was the student body president in Shanghai and had won numerous academic awards.

2. Team Approach

We don’t just share an office, we work as a team. It allows us to see patients from multiple perspectives.victor_sewon_strip

3. Patient-centered Approach

We see patients as individuals. Treatment plans are comprehensive and tailored to you.

4. Multiple Treatment Options

We offer acupuncture, massage, raw herbs, powder herbs, nutritional advice and patient education. The wide range of treatments produces better results.

5. Multi-lingual

You will have no problem communicating with us. Victor Cheng L.Ac. grew up in the US and Taiwan so he speaks English and Mandarin fluently. Sewon Kim L.Ac. grew up in Korea and studied in the US and China so she speaks Korean, Chinese and English fluently.