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We practice patient-centered holistic medicine. It means all treatment plans are comprehensive and tailored to the individual. It is beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the way medicine should be.

At the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the way to understand patient and disease holistically. Symptoms and illnesses may appear random but they usually are parts of a bigger pattern.

Visit Our Patient, American Cowgirl, Beth

Visit Our Patient, American Cowgirl – Beth

A physician must know the patient and the context in which the disease occurs. Such knowledge allows a physician to design a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan that will correct the fundamental pattern. The goal is to transform the patient’s overall health level to achieve long-term well-being.

A treatment cycle begins with an interview about you and your medical history. All the signs and symptoms are like pieces to a puzzle. The goal is to form a big picture using pattern diagnosis unique to TCM. After a clear diagnosis is made, we will explain your condition to you according to TCM theories and discuss possible treatment options. Only after your agreement, we will proceed with your treatment plan, usually involving a combination of herbs, acupuncture, acupressure massage and other modalities.

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