Acupressure Massage (Tuina)

Massage is probably one of the most primal therapy. It is amazing how simple massage can bring so much relieve and benefit. However, the skills and techniques of a good massage therapist can take a long time to develop. Traditionally, the best massage therapist are also experienced practitioners of martial arts.


Contrast to other massages, Tuina is much deeper and therapeutic.

Like acupuncture, TCM massage (aka Tuina) is deeply rooted in TCM Meridian Theory. Only practiced under detailed diagnosis and solid medical knowledge, can acupressure massage be most effective. Contrast to other massage styles, acupressure massage is much deeper and more focused. Some people new to acupressure massage may find it intense but the relaxation and therapeutic value is beyond typical “back rub”. For certain conditions, such as spinal misalignment, we incorporate various techniques from Thai massage to help stretch the muscle back into balance.

We usually do acupressure massage accompanying acupuncture because both are rooted in Meridian Theory. Combining both allow repeated complementary stimulation which will compound the total effect.

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