New Patient Information

To come in for your first visit, please make an appointment. Due to our busy schedule, we do not take walk-ins.

First Visit

For your first visit, you will be given some forms to filled-out. Please provide detailed and accurate information so we can understand your needs and conditions better. Bring your latest test result and imaging report if you have them. If you are taking prescription medications, please also write down the names of the drugs and their dosage.

We will go over the information you provided and proceed to interview you about your medical history. After we understood your medical conditions and needs thoroughly, we will discuss possible treatments and treatment plans. Only with your consent, we will then proceed to actual treatment.

For patient safety, we can only answer your medical questions after proper examination and evaluation. The receptionists can only answer basic questions about our clinic policies. Please reserve your medical related questions until your actual appointment.

Treatment Fee

Each patient has different needs so the cost of your visit depends on the services rendered. A typical office visit usually cost around $100~$150, most visits range from $80~$180. For the following services, we charge:

Consultation            $60+

Acupuncture          $80~$100+ per session

Herbs                       $15~$20+ per pack (for most herbs)

New Patient             $30 registration fee

Special needs: For patients with special needs or patients require privacy or exclusive attentions, we also offer exclusive appointments at $300 per hour. Please call for availability.

See our Clinic Policy and Financial Agreement for more details


Below are a quick summary of insurance coverage. They are subject to change. For accurate verification of your plan, please fill out the benefit verification form.

  • Medicare: currently there is no coverage.
  • Medi-Cal: currently there is limited coverage. We do not accept it due to low reimbursement rate.
  • Kaiser and HMOs: currently there is no coverage for acupuncture outside their system unless you get a referral.
  • Group PPO plans: most plans have coverage, each plan will have to be verified individually.
  • Veterans’, Auto Accident or Worker’s Compensation: we accept these insurance with prior authorization.
  • CALPERS Insurance : we accept these insurances after verification.

Each insurance plan has different coverage for acupuncture. Your plan may or may not cover all or part of your treatments. Therefore, we may expect your payment at the time of service. To learn more about verifying your insurance benefits, click here. For more details, please call our office. 


You can pay with cash, check, credit card, debit card, HSA card or FSA card. We also accepts major crypto currencies. 


We believe in helping people who are making our community a better place. Fire fighters, public school teachers and people who work full-time at certain non-profit organizations are qualified for a 10% discount. Nurses and other healthcare professionals are qualify for 5% allied health discount. If you are qualified, please let us know.

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You have endless choices of healthcare providers. Why choose us for your healthcare needs? Learn what makes us unique. Why thousands of patients have chosen us. And why we are one of the top ranked and top reviewed acupuncture clinic around.

4 Simple Steps to Feel Better

You are few steps away from reaching your health aspiration

Make Appointment

Book appointment online or call us for a new patient appointment.

Complete Intake

You will receive an intake form. Make sure to submit detailed information and health history.

Work with the Doctor

Come to your appointment on time. Share your health issues and concerns openly and honestly. Discuss possible treatment plans.

Making Progress

Commit to your treatment plan and follow the instructions given. Make necessary lifestyle changes.

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Daren SmithDaren Smith
04:10 26 Apr 24
Dr Cheng has helped me with shoulder pain and mobility. Has been much easier and faster recovery of ‘frozen shoulder syndrome’
Vicki ChuangVicki Chuang
07:05 05 Mar 24
Excellent acupuncture treatment to improve my anxiety, overall well-being, and improve my back soreness.
Hao CuiHao Cui
18:36 09 Sep 23
My wife and I visited Victor recently and got treatment for three times. I can confidently say he is a real expert in Chinese traditional medical treatment! He not only knows how to solve your problem but also tells exactly what your overall physical condition looks like, and improves from the root cause – that is exactly what Chinese traditional medication is supposed to do, i.e., not just reducing the symptom but improve your overall health.One additional reward I got is that during the treatment Victor found I might have some posture problem as well and taught me some really useful practice to improve – I now do it everyday and it really helps!Really happy that we found him!
Young ChoiYoung Choi
00:22 31 Aug 23
I had a car accident and a big shoulder operation. I could not lift my arm much sideways. Dr. Cheng’s acupuncture and massage helped me to recover the range and ease of motion tremendously. I really appreciate his treatment and expertise.
Idil GirardIdil Girard
22:19 18 Aug 23
This is my second time receiving Acupuncture and I am very satisfied with the results, service and information. Dr Cheng is great, answers all my curious questions and could provide great alternative solutions that helped ease my symptoms. I noticed instant changes and I will definitely continue coming back. Highly recommended!
03:35 15 Jul 23
I have been seeing Victor for many years, he is amazing, can diagnose cause accurately just by pulse reading. He is one of the few in CA can use traditional medicine prescriptions and acupuncture to treat. Highly recommended—–





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