What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?



Traditional Chinese Medicine (a.k.a. TCM) is the medical system that was practiced traditionally in China. It utilizes a different set of medical theories, diagnostic methods and treatment modalities than those of conventional medicine. The basic medical theories of TCM was heavily influenced by the philosophy of Yin-Yang and Five Phases in ancient China. Thus TCM sees health as the harmonious balance of various opposing yet interdependent energies in the body. The diagnostics of TCM looks for those imbalances in patients. Without equipments, TCM doctors traditionally use their own sensory organs to detect signs of imbalances. After collecting all the evidences, TCM doctors will try to correct the imbalances with a wide range of treatment modalities. The most common ones are acupuncture, herbal formulas and tui-na (therapeutic massage). Depending on the illness, the doctor will choose the appropriate modality.

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