Feb 10

New Addition to the Orchard. Jujube!

New addition to the orchard. Jujube tree, cultivar “Li”. I believe LI stands for 梨 (pear) meaning it is pear like and meant to be eaten fresh. Jujubes are extremely popular in China as a fruit and snack. It is user extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine, usually paired with fresh ginger. Jujube is very nutritious hence it is a blood tonic. It is very sweet and soothing so also used for calming jitteriness. It’s mellowness is used to harmonize the harshness of other herbs. When combined with ginger which is spicy and warming, jujube becomes a tonic for the digestive Qi. Many people call jujube Chinese date, but date is actually from palm trees so very different. Jujube tree grows very slowly so the wood is very solid and smooth. Ideally used for printing blocks.

果園的新品:大棗樹!英文說品種是LI。我估計是梨棗。外國人不習慣吃乾的大棗,所以流行的是適合新鮮吃的大棗。說大棗是中國人最喜愛的水果也不爲過。作爲水果新鮮吃,作爲零嘴曬乾吃,入菜入藥都很常見。大棗非常營養,被稱作是營養片。在中醫用作滋補養血藥。大棗很甜,有安撫及緩和的作用。可以用來治療心神不寧和也可用來調解緩和刺激性太強的藥物。最常見的配伍是和生薑。生薑辛辣溫熱,和大棗的甘甜滋膩相互作用對中焦脾胃有溫暖强壯的作用。外國人常常以爲大棗是椰棗。椰棗也是中東人的滋補食品,不過是從棕櫚樹來的,應該很不一樣。 棗樹因爲生長緩慢,木質强硬細膩,常常用來做印刷的木板。

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