Jul 25

中醫食療第一講:藥食同源-鄭偉德中醫師講於El Camino Hospital


鄭偉德中醫師在加州山景城的El Camino Hospital向大家介紹中醫食療以便大家自行在家裡用食物調理,提高療效。這次講課的主題是藥食同源。鄭醫師從中醫的歷史中整理出食療的根源,向大家解釋食療的重要性。

Victor Cheng, L. Ac. lectures on the Origin of Food Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine to audiences at El Camino Hospital of Mountain View, California. (The lecture is Chinese-only)

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  1. August 23, 2016
    I found the slides for Lecture 2 and 3. However, none are posted for Lecture 1. Will you post the slides of this lecture on your website? Reply
    • August 24, 2016
      剛剛放上去了。你再去看看 Reply

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