Jun 25

Natto and Miso Making Class on 6/29

I will teach a class on Natto and Miso making. It is equivalent to cheese making except we make it with soy. Ferment soy products are delicious key ingredients to many of your favorite Asian dishes. It is nutritious and offers many health benefits. Did you know that soy has more protein than beef? Did you know that instead of raising your cholesterol, it can lower your cholesterol? Did you know that statin drugs were extracted from molded rice, which have been used by Chinese medicinally? Come to this class and you will learn all this and more!

Date: Sunday 6/29 2 PM
Location: ThinkTank Learning Headquater
5104 Old Ironsides Dr. suite 113.
Santa Clara, CA

我將於星期天6月29日,下午2點在智勝教育總部開一堂制作納豆和味噌的制作課。歡迎大家來參加。豆豉類的食品好吃又應用廣泛,同時又有許多養生的好處。你知道大豆的蛋白質比牛肉高嗎?你知道大豆不但不會升高膽固醇反而會降低膽固醇嗎?你知道常見的降膽固醇藥是從米麹中來的嗎?而中醫用麹類治病以有幾千年的歷史。來上這堂課你就會學到許多有用的知識! — at 5104 Old Ironsides Dr. suite 113. Santa Clara, CA.

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