Jul 5

Hair Loss case – Patient K

My patient K**** brought two samples of her hair to show me few days ago. She lives in Fort Bragg and operates an inn with her mother and daughter. On her first visit, she complained of fatigue and muscle soreness all over her body. She felt dizzy often and noticed that her hair and eye brows were falling off at an alarming rate.

After three months of treatment with herbs, she no longer feels dizzy or muscle soreness. She has a lot more energy. And best of all, her hair loss is greatly reduced while new hair is growing back.

On the left is the sample of her hair before her treatment. She pulled them from her hair brush after two days of regular brushing. On the right is the sample of her hair now, pulled after two days of brushing. She is clearly losing a lot less hair.

kathy hair loss sample

(LEFT) K’s hair loss in two days before seeing me.
(RIGHT) K’s hair loss in two days after seeing me.

Although her condition may sound complicated, from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is a typical case of Blood-Deficiency. Due to her family business, she has worked vigorously and continuously for a long time. Without proper resting, she gradually fall into the state of Blood-Deficiency. The fatigue and muscle soreness were all connected with this pathological pattern. By regularly taking Blood-tonic herbs, she was able to reverse the pattern and reached a new healthy equilibrium.

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