Chronic Kidney Disease (Stage 4) – Patient P

Patient P is 73 years old South Asian male. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2012. His kidney disease continued to progress and his eGFR dropped to 16 mL/min. He did some research by himself and changed to a low-protein diet. His eGFR bounced back to 22 mL/min by his own effort at the time he first saw me.

Patient P’s eGFR is 22 on 9/23/2019

With his research on the Internet, he learned many other people’s positive result with Traditional Chinese Medicine so he decided to give me a try. He was very skeptical at first and did not make it to his first appointment. Few days after he went home, he finally summoned up enough courage to began treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I applauded his effort to make dietary change. Very few people know this because healthcare professionals rarely discuss dietary issues with their patients. However, a simple low-protein diet is simply not enough. I advised him on a specific kidney-friendly diet. I also consult him on other aspects of his illness and gave him appropriate treatments.

Patient P’s BUN is 43 on 9/23/2019


Patient P followed my treatment and advice rigorously. After about 5 visits and a little over a month after he began his treatment, he saw dramatic improvement in his conditions. His eGFR improved from 22 mL/min to 32 mL/min, a whooping 10 mL/min improvement! His BUN improved form 43 mg/dL to 34 mg/dL as well. He had some nausea and lost of appetite before he began his treatment with me. These are signs of nitrogen building up in his body. Now that his BUN dropped so much, these symptoms disappeared.

We will continue to monitor Patient P closely even though he made much improvement. Given his age and the advanced stage of his illness, his condition can slide very easily, especially if he does not keep up with his treatment and lifestyle changes.

A side-note: Patient P’s nephrologist was so impressed with his improvement  and asked Patient P what he did to make such an improvement. However, Patient P is too scared to tell her because he knows how much his doctor told him not to seek other therapies.

Patient P’s eGFR is 32 on 11/18/2019

Patient P’s BUN is 34 on 11/18/2019

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