Oct 10

Chinese researchers discovered microRNA in food

A group of Chinese researchers in Nanjing discovered that the food we eat contain microRNA, and many of these microRNA do not break down in our body and float around in our blood plasma. They have the potential of entering our cells and affect gene expression. The consequence of this discovery is very profound. It means that the food we eat not only contain nutrients but also information.

Function of microRNA

Modern nutrition usually assume that food mostly act as fuels and/or supplies. Nutrients are either metabolized for energy or are used as building blocks or as agents in chemical processes. According to these assumptions, the main goal of diet is to replenish our energy and chemical supplies. It suggests that diet should not play a very important or long-term role in diseases. However, clinical experiences and epidemiology studies clearly tell us that is not true. People’s diet play an important role in disease development. The microRNA researches demonstrate that the food we eat has potential for long-term impact.

The idea that food contains information is very similar to what Traditional Chinese Medicine taught. Ancient Chinese long understood that every food is different and has subtle and long-term effect on the body. Unlike modern idea of nutrients, ancient Chinese believes different food has different Qi. The Qi from food and herbs can affect the Qi in the human body. Because TCM sees diseases mostly as an issue of balance, properly using the Qi of herbs can re-balance the body. People who have been using herbs understand that the effect of herbal medicine last very long, unlike pharmaceuticals. This phenomenon do not fit in well with modern pharmacology, which suggests that active compounds usually diminish with half-life. The research into microRNA may one day explain the mechanism of medicinal herbs and how they achieve long-term effect.

The research of microRNA also suggest the validity of Meridian Entry Theory. According to Meridian Entry Theory, everything we eat selectively enter different meridians. For example, almond is suppose to enter the Lung Meridian and affect the body through Lung Meridian. The researchers in Nanjing fed mice herbal solutions and found that certain microRNA concentrate in certain area of the body. Further research is probably needed but it is very encouraging.

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  1. September 27, 2017
    Fresh, naturally grown, whole fruits and herbs are the body's natural source of nutrients and information which become part of us and which we then impart, through biophotonic light, to the world around us which in turn changes worldwide climatic conditions to one that favors Life. Reply

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