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Never experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine? Don’t worry, give us a try. First time consultation is free. Come and learn if we can help you.

Free First-time Consultation

If you are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine but wonder if it will work for your condition, please come in for a free first-time consultation. We will examine you and discuss possible treatment plans. If we cannot help you, we will let you know. If you do not feel comfortable with any treatment plans, feel free to let us know.

Need Time?

If you need time to think about visiting us, take all the time you need and call us when you feel comfortable. Or, simply enter your information below  to subscribe to our newsletter. It will help you learn more about TCM and make better choice.

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We know it can be very intimidating to see doctors, especially something as foreign as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Don’t worry. The process is very simple:

  1. First we need to ask you some questions about your conditions, your symptoms and your medical history. For chronic conditions, we also need to learn more details about you and your life in general. For some conditions, we may have to do a brief physical examination.
  2. We will then explain to you how we see your condition according to traditional Chinese medical theories.
  3. After you have understood the underlying principles, we will discuss the possible treatment plans and and possible outcomes.
  4. If you feel comfortable with one of the treatment plans and agree with the treatments, we will proceed with the proposed treatment. If you don’t feel comfortable in any ways, we respect your opinion and will not proceed.

Information on Fees

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