Dec 5

Why are people overweight? – part 2 of Losing Weight Using TCM

So why are people overweight? Genetics can play a big role. Research of identical twins raised by different families has shown that twins tend to have similar weight despite different lifestyle environment. However, if you look at historic pictures of people under food rationing, for examples, 1960s in China or Wartime Europe in 1940s, you […]

Dec 4

Introduction to Losing Weight Using TCM – part 1 of Losing Weight using TCM

Being overweight is an epidemic problem in America. According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), currently: 33.9% of adults are obese (BMI >30), and 34.4% of adults are overweight (BMI>25) and below obese. So total 68.3% of American adults have weight issue. There are countless products and services on the market that promise weight loss. […]

Nov 20

Autoimmune Disorders according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Autoimmune disorders are a group of conditions that involves the body’s own immune system attacking healthy tissues. Normally the body’s immune system attacks foreign objects in the body or tissues that mutated. However, in people with autoimmune disorders, the immune system has difficulty distinguishing normal tissues from others. Depending on the tissue being attacked, there […]

Nov 17

Skin disorders according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Skin disorders can be a frustrating experience. They are usually not life threatening but can be stubborn and difficult to remove. People find skin disorders difficult to treat because they are looking from a narrow and mechanical perspective. Many conditions would be categorized as inflammation, a chemical process involved with immunity. Under a microscope, inflammations […]

Oct 20

High Carb Diet for Diabetes

There is a common misconception that diabetes patients need to reduce or avoid carbohydrates. This simplistic view is based on the idea that diabetes patients have excessive blood sugar. It is very convincing for patients who monitor their blood sugar regularly. They often notice their blood sugar would peak after a meal big on carbohydrates. […]

Oct 10

Chinese researchers discovered microRNA in food

A group of Chinese researchers in Nanjing discovered that the food we eat contain microRNA, and many of these microRNA do not break down in our body and float around in our blood plasma. They have the potential of entering our cells and affect gene expression. The consequence of this discovery is very profound. It […]

Oct 5

Surgery Rate Late in Life Surprises Researchers

New York Times reports that researchers are surprised to find that surgery rate is incredibly high in the last few months or even weeks of seniors’ life. This is not really surprising because, on average, people spend half of their medical expense in the last year of their life. Most people assume that modern medicine […]

Oct 3

3.0 Digestibility

If we look only at nutrition alone, it will lead us to the false believe that we should eat as much as we can to avoid nutritional deficiency. This is conventionally what most physicians think. When people learn about nutrition in medical school, it mostly focused on nutritional deficiency, especially protein deficiency. Nitrogen balance is […]

Sep 28

2.2 Micronutrients

Micronutrients include vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, organic acids and many many more, some of which we do not understand. They are called micronutrients because we only need these nutrients in small amount. These nutrients play important roles in our body. Some are antioxidants that fights oxidation damage. Some are part of important chemical processes. […]

Sep 28

2.1 Macronutrients

Macronutrients Macronutrients are abundant in food and they were discovered very early on by scientists. They can be used for energy. With enough supply of food, it is impossible to be deficient in macronutrients. Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the result of photosynthesis so they are mostly found in plant foods. They provide the body as its […]