Feb 12

Acne Case – Patient J

Before Treatment After Treatment   Patient J is a single mother and esthetician student in her mid twenties. She came to see me in October of 2015 for her severe acne that had been raging on for about two months. Being a hopeful esthetician, she is extremely careful with her skin and the outbreak of […]

Oct 14

Hair Loss Case – Patient M

Patient M is a female software engineer in her early 40s. She first came to see me for her hair loss on April 30th, 2015. Her symptoms began in the end of 2014 during a stressful assignment. She experienced severe fatigue, poor sleeping quality, lost of her voice and shedding hairs. Being a health conscious […]

Oct 5

Nobel prize awarded to scientist of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A scientist of Traditional Chinese Medicine was awarded Nobel prize today for finding a cure for malaria. She looked into 1600 years old record of Traditional Chinese Medicine and isolated artemisinin as the active ingredient of Qinghao. Ancient Chinese people had been using Qinghao to fight malaria for thousands of years. Not only do they […]

Sep 19

Over-prescription of pain medication is causing a surge of heroin problem in the US.

The Economist reports a surge of heroin use in the US. Three quarter of heroin addicts began their opioid use from prescription pain drugs. According to CDC, there is 300% increase in sales of opioid since 1999. It is not hard to see where the problem is coming from. Currently we are in a pain […]

Aug 6

The Mythology Of Science-Based Medicine

I would like to share an excellent article written by Larry Dossey M.D., Rustum Roy Ph.D and Deepak Chopra, that discuss the common misconception about medical treatments. It is unfortunate that in an age of science and critical thinking, most people, even professionals and scientists, cannot objectively evaluate the merits of medical treatments. Instead, people […]

Jan 26

從現代解剖學看行住坐臥-鄭偉德中醫師講於El Camino Hospital

你常常身體酸痛嗎?會不會一運動就受傷呢?你對中醫養生有興趣嗎?古代的醫學常識和現代醫學如何聯繫呢?這場講座會教你如何用現代解剖學的角度來看古人的養生知識。 鄭偉德中醫師在加州山景城的El Camino Hospital向大家介紹如何在行住坐臥上用正確的姿勢。大部分的人並不知道自己的姿勢是錯誤的,以至­很多人在日常生活中和運動時造對自己身體造成了傷害。了解正確的姿勢有助於預防傷害、提高精力、放鬆心情、增加效率。對中醫養生有興趣的朋友不可錯過。 Victor Cheng, L. Ac. lectures on proper posture to audiences at El Camino Hospital of Mountain View, California. (The lecture is Chinese-only)

Jan 1

Effective Natural Pain Relief

There is an epidemic of pain across America. Chronic pain troubles about a quarter of Americans. Together as a whole, we consume 80% of the pain medications in the world, with only 5% of the world’s population. More people now die from prescription drug overdose than car accident. Obviously we are walking down a dangerous […]

Dec 27

Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Everybody suffers from anxiety from time to time. However, for many people, anxiety becomes excessive and uncontrollable. In extreme cases, anxiety becomes panic attack, which often send people to emergency rooms. There are current no satisfactory treatment for anxiety from conventional medicine. The reason for such under-treatment, in my view, is caused by misunderstanding of […]

Sep 20

如何正確的呼吸-鄭偉德中醫師講於El Camino Hospital

古人講的吐納是什麼呢?一呼一吸可以有那麼大的學問嗎?呼吸與健康有如何的關係嗎?練氣功的時候要注意什麼?鄭偉德中醫師從現代醫學的角度給大家一個新的觀點。 鄭偉德中醫師在加州山景城的El Camino Hospital向大家介紹如何正確的呼吸。大部分的人並不知道自己的呼吸方式,以至很多人是以錯誤的胸式呼吸在呼吸。了解正確的呼吸方式有助於提高精力、放鬆心情、矯正姿勢。對中醫養生有興趣的朋友不可錯過。 Victor Cheng, L. Ac. lectures on proper breathing technique to audiences at El Camino Hospital of Mountain View, California. (The lecture is Chinese-only)

Jun 25

Natto and Miso Making Class on 6/29

I will teach a class on Natto and Miso making. It is equivalent to cheese making except we make it with soy. Ferment soy products are delicious key ingredients to many of your favorite Asian dishes. It is nutritious and offers many health benefits. Did you know that soy has more protein than beef? Did […]