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Nov 14

Chronic Kidney Disease (stage 3) – Patient C

A NEW CASE of STAGE 5 KIDNEY DISEASE CAN BE FOUND HERE Today patient C happily brings me her newest lab test results. She has made a dramatic improvement in a few months. In early May of 2017, patient C sought my help for what she thought was a high blood pressure problem. During our […]

Oct 26

Firefighter Appreciation Offer

We are glad that the North Bay Fire is finally contained. To show our gratitude for hard working firefighters, we are offering all services free to firefighters at our Ukiah Clinic for the rest of 2017. If you know any firefighters in the area, please invite them to visit our clinic. We will do everything […]

Aug 21

Receptionist and Booking Change

We have to change our receptionist service due to their change in schedule. We are in the process of looking for a new receptionist service. During this time, some calls may not be answered. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need to make appointments or change your appointments, we highly encourage you to use […]

Aug 20

Wellness Promoting Baby Massage

My new video on how to perform wellness promoting massage on your babies and toddlers. It is generally recommended to perform massage regularly on children ages 0~3 according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is believed to prevent illnesses and stimulate development. The model used is Claire Cheng, our daughter, at age 100 days. Before you […]

Apr 21

Sewon Kim, L.Ac. is on Maternity Leave until September 2017

We have happy to announce the birth of our daughter Claire in April. My wife Sewon Kim, L.Ac. will be on maternity leave until September of 2017. We would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone the importance of maternity leave and postpartum care. Woman’s body undergoes tremendous change during pregnancy and after delivery. […]

Mar 16

Open heart surgery performed with acupuncture anesthesia

A French team observe open heart surgery performed with acupuncture anesthesia. Using acupuncture for anesthesia offers many advantages: risk of complication is lower and patients recover faster. The word on the green gown says Shuguang Hospital. Most likely the operation was done in Shanghai’s Shuguang Hospital where I did my rotation, internship and residency. This […]

Feb 27

Your gene expression changes seasonally

Scientist at Cambridge University recently discovered that our gene expression changes following seasonal pattern. Such discovery may surprise many people since the public generally assumes their genes are deterministic. Yet in reality, most of our genes are not expressed. At any given time, only around 10% of our gene are expressed. Most people imagine their […]

Aug 3


紐約時報報導,很多手術的治療效果不佳,相對於不做手術的對照組幾乎沒有任何好處。在沒有效果的手術當中,以脊柱手術和膝關節的半月板手術最沒有效果。鑒於手術的危險性,紐約時報建議大家以保守治療優先。 在我們自己的臨床觀察中,許多以解決疼痛為治療目的的手術的效果不但不佳,很多時候病人的疼痛反而加劇。手術完後,由於疤痕組織的產生,病人對針灸和中藥的治療反應變差了。 因為手術的危險性與不可逆性,我們建議,除非是緊急手術,病人應該要再看一位醫生以確定手術的必要性。如果沒有需要急著做手術,有疼痛的病人應該嘗試保守得接受物理治療與針灸治療。

Aug 3

Beware of “Useless” Surgery

New York Times reports that many surgeries are still being performed even though evidence suggest they do not help patients. Randomized clinical trials have shown that many surgeries are closed to being totally useless. Most of these surgeries are performed intending to help pain, particularly pains in the spine and knees. However, their success rate […]

Jul 25


很多人知道做醫生要有很多學問,但是很多人不知道做病人也是有學問的。 我舉個例子好了,我們都知道講經要有學問,但是很多人不知道聽經也有學問。但是在佛教裡,聽經也是一個學問。不知道大家有沒有聽過一個小和尚講經的故事: 有一天, 有一位老居士去廟裡找老和尚要進供養,但是這個老和尚出去受供了,所以沒有人在寺廟裡面;只有一個小和尚留在寺廟裡,這個老居士就供養了這個小和尚。 按照規矩,小和尚受完供養後就要講法了。老居士就恭敬得跪在地上等著小和尚講法;但這個小和尚不會講法,他很緊張地左邊看看、右邊看看就把眼睛閉起來了。老居士就想:「啊!原來法師要跟我講的就是不著兩邊啊!」 小和尚還是很緊張,所以就上面看看、下面看看又把眼睛閉起來了。老居士就說:「啊!原來法師跟我講的就是上無佛道可求,下無眾生可度。」他實在很感歎,就把眼睛閉起來,一直思維小和尚跟他講的法。小和尚一看這個老居士把眼睛閉起來,就趕快從後門溜走了。老居士眼睛一張開來,看到原來沒有法師在臺上,他想:「唉啊!原來法師要跟我講的就是人法兩空的故事。」老居士當場就開悟了! 這個意思就是說:講經是一門學問,聽經也是一門學問。如果你不會聽經,不管誰跟你講經你永遠也沒有辦法開悟的;但是會聽經的話,可能一個小和尚給你亂講經,你也會開悟的。所以,當病人也是要有當病人的學問。